Should I Test or Should I Rest?

A lot of startups (if not a majority of them) refuse to write tests. They blame the lack of time or claim that it’s a low priority for now because they are not sure whether this feature in the project will pay them back. When it turns out that it was actually quite okay, they find another argument or feature to get away with untested code and forget about all of their promises because the competitor never sleeps just like The Wall Street.

They go all-in and forget about the reliability of the project. Step by step, ignoring the fact that all of these bugs, quick fixes, and other fancy things just grow like an Everest’s snowball. It usually ends up by sinking under the quicksand where one task requires to fix another one.

Many newly baked entrepreneurs don’t pay too much attention to this sort of problem. Instead, they search for the outsourcing companies that will do all the dirty work for them. They hire a group of people that will never care about the project and this business at all. And of course, no one would care about the tests and reliability.

To be honest, I saw many times when tests were poorly written and even worse – weren’t in the plan to be written at all. Naked truth that this way the speed of the development along with motivation of the developers will gradually fall. – And maybe it’s not obvious, but in some cases, it’s unsolvable problem for you, developers and it is also a loss of interest of your customers to your project and – Tada! You have perfectly failed.

Next what I can tell so far based on my observing? Small companies usually ignore the importance of testing, – that’s true. As much as I talked to developers, many of them were hiding the fact that they retain that problem and usually do nothing much about it.

Yes, I do agree with a “Lean Startup” by Eric Ries, – yes, you can have a fully covered code, best features in the world. But if you don’t have customers you going to fail. Thus I do not deny it; I am just saying – no matter what, never give up on testing. Because if your company succeeds, this issue will become a teenager’s pimples on the face of your business – which you can remove, but it will require some additional effort, which is money and time, a lot of both.

So my third “yes” is dedicated to answering the question – “Should companies develop more tests?”. I think many of them still don’t do enough in this particular field. Of course, it becomes better every day – thanks to the propaganda of tests. But what I see, as I mentioned – new entrepreneurs don’t understand the importance of that. And let’s be honest developer’s fault is that they cannot address and explain to them why it is so important.

Maybe it’s hard to explain, but someday with a few millions of code lines, it will become a nightmare to support especially so called: legacy code. – Are you planning to develop new features? You would rather develop half of your product first and then maybe a new feature. Oh wait; also you have to fix the regression or “inconsistencies” if you will.

Don’t try to get away with a murder and hide the body (problem) behind a tree. Don’t make a product unbelievably dull, buggy and shitty. – It would not have happened if only… Yes, it would not, just write tests and bring out to your boss that it’s important. Crucial. Super significant.

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