Why to Run?​

If you are just like me, instead of going to play football (soccer) with your friends, you decide to spend half of your life in front of computer learning how this or that works. Despite all that time used on grinding a massive hole on your chair with buttcheeks, there are still few hours left.

For some of us, it usually sports activities we are lacking. How many developers do you know who often play football (soccer), hockey or just like to jog? I don’t know many people like that either. Most of us usually end up playing table football in the best case scenario.

I just felt like running


I can’t say that I am the sporty type of person. I mean, I always enjoyed any kinds of activities like snowboarding, skateboarding but hell, I never been any closer to being good as Shoun White or Tony Hawk. Running is boring! I thought – what’s fun about it? It’s boring as hell. You run, you sweat and you look like an idiot.

Nonetheless, I started feeling that there is something I am missing in my life. It’s not about being fit. I just found that sometimes it’s cool to concentrate on your own things without any distraction and to feel your body, start feeling your heart and become dedicated to something.

In other words, you probably won’t find out what I am talking about until you start running. It is also possible that you will run too many kilometers/miles at a fast pace before you find out that your body hates it.

In fact, if you feel so and if you hate it so much it seems like you did it the wrong way. You know, quite often I see people running at a rapid pace because they are shy to run slower. Sometimes they even say “I am young! I am strong. If he can, I can do that easily, too”. Aaaaand you won’t see them running again until the next season.

A little run just for fun

You don’t have to run faster than your neighbor if you are starting. Apparently, it would be a good idea to keep an eye on the heart rate monitor. If you don’t have it, I would highly suggest getting one.

I am not a sales man person, in truth, I think I am bad at selling but, seriously it’s fucking useful if you don’t want to overdo just get one. I don’t want you to die, buddy.

It can be very nasty and harmful to you. So start doing it step by step. I would recommend you to make a plan in your calendar. I usually do 3 runs a week which is intervals, threshold, and easy run.

What is a threshold pace?

“This is fantastic news because it means that you can “feel” your threshold. It’s a pace that is faster/harder than your normal easy run, but is slower than your 5K or 10K race pace. While the pace is challenging, it’s not so hard that you can’t run that pace for 20 or 30 minutes if you’re fit.”

What are threshold and tempo runs?

A mile two, just for you

My father used to say me. “Kiddo, just go running. You are sitting in front of your laptop too long. You don’t need any special equipment”.
Based on my experience I would say “Yes and no”, Yes you don’t need professional shoes for running like Usain Bolt, but I’d say a good pair of shoes makes running at least easier and less harmful. Once you get those you’ll find out what I am talking about (SHOES MUST BE MADE FOR RUNNING). If your father gonna say “Pffff. You won’t run faster than a turtle”. Believe me, it’s not about running faster or slower. Your heart and knees are going to struggle more than it should. I remember once I was running my first 1 km and I was like “Why am I doing this? It’s enough I gonna go home now.”

When I got my shoes I was like “Oh wow, I probably can do twice as much now.” Besides the fact that my feet appreciated it and almost said: “Dude, that was the best idea you ever had”.

A mile three, just for me

Remember I told you about heart rate monitor? I have a simple Garmin watch with a Digital StillCameraheart rate monitor built-in. They are not as accurate as I wanted it to be. But it’s okay. I noticed how my heart reacts differently depending on the pace. And when I should have to slow down. When I was running without the watch I simply exceeded my limits afterward I was like: “I still didn’t get what’s fun about running. Why humanity loves it?”

And after when I was running during late hours, all alone I realized that I have time to think about the thoughts in my head while breathing fresh air. You know, such things as when you are under the shower with your closed eyes just like “The Thinker”. I am not sure if I can find a better parallel yet.

A mile four, give me more

Yes. Besides all that, I should say I started to care about proteins, carbohydrates and what my breakfast contains. Of course, it is not only because of running but it helped me to stay motivated.

The better you treat your body, which includes your brain, the higher chances it will pay off. – So guys. Seriously stop fucking with it.

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