Why advocate for pull requests?

Sometimes when I am working with GitHub and seeing all those wonderful features they have, I am questioning myself “How to explain why I am using the famous pull requests (PRs)? What so brilliant about them? Why I do not commit to the master just straight away when I have the full access to do it?”.

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Everyone deserves some privacy

Recently I got charming hardware setup without any operating system pre-installed. As my wife likes to play videogames since she was a teenager, she has steam account with loads of games she bought over the years. Luckily for me, to enjoy the powerful graphics card, all I had to do was to purchase, install Windows 10 and to install games.

My last experience with Windows wasn’t actually too long ago – it was Windows 8 which was released in the middle of 2012. I really liked it and decided to further expand into the best of both worlds where you can run the required applications for software development and at the same time it is an environment to enjoy powerful videogames.

I dreamed of getting rid of Virtual Boxes running Linux environment that would take up all of my resources leaving me with 1 GB RAM free. That would allow me to work with git repositories on the same computer without connecting to my virtual environment using Samba, and then SSH to run the program and debug the software I was developing. I wanted to sync files right away and to be able to modify data without any delays which could cause trouble. And, at the same time, to be able to run some games.

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Superb Dashboard with WordPress and Github widgets

The other day in the office with a gorgeous view full of sunlight, I was passionately stubbled on our metrics. I thought about statistics about how cool they might be looking on the screen. Imagine extracting all data from different sources like Github, some trending messages from Twitter and unique visitors of your WordPress blog. Then imagine showing it in one place, like some big TV screen for everybody, motivating all of your team members. – No sooner said than done! I thought.

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Spot fake accounts on Twitter

How do you do my dear reader? – Lately, due to unknown circumstances, I somehow became more popular among bots that share adult content such as porn pictures.

Like any human, I care about the time I spend on chores like this, so I don’t like the fact that I need to pay several minutes a week to parse and block them. I don’t want my friends or whoever clicked on the account to be trapped, fooled or something similar. Besides that, I don’t want to be indexed by Google where I hold any kind of relation to these pictures. – I am a married man with an adult-baby cat so would miss Bryant and miss Hart mind to fuck off?

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Another Mars Rover Solution

I’ve noticed people like to share their solutions on the Github. No matter how good or bad was the design they still would like to show it to others (and others usually don’t care because they’re too lazy unless you’ve got to implement this problem yourself).

You can make any design for the problem, you can split and isolate as much as you want or you can make almost single line approach with Python.
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Why to Run?​

If you are just like me, instead of going to play football (soccer) with your friends, you decide to spend half of your life in front of computer learning how this or that works. Despite all that time used on grinding a massive hole on your chair with buttcheeks, there are still few hours left.

For some of us, it usually sports activities we are lacking. How many developers do you know who often play football (soccer), hockey or just like to jog? I don’t know many people like that either. Most of us usually end up playing table football in the best case scenario.

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Find and Replace using Regex in Atom

It’s been a long time! As I don’t follow the instructions blindly but prefer finding my own way, I’ll introduce you to one of the simple but effective features in Atom editor called “Use Regex”.

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 12.57.42
Use Regex

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Your analytical research using Twitter

Besides computer science, I like psychological experiments, scientific analysis, and conclusion made upon the historical data. I think it’s absolutely adorable to learn some new facts standing on true events. Eventually, you may come to the thoughtful consequence. Does it make sense to buy this house? Is it a good idea to own British Pound?

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Lonely Operator, eh?

I won’t argue how cool and handy “safe navigation” is but rather I want to warn you that overconsumption of it may lead you to the dead end… – Just like other bad habits. Where you are going to be trapped in your own code base is associated with “what the heck is wrong with it?” enigma.

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