Why advocate for pull requests?

Sometimes when I am working with GitHub and seeing all those wonderful features they have, I am questioning myself “How to explain why I am using the famous pull requests (PRs)? What so brilliant about them? Why I do not commit to the master just straight away when I have the full access to do it?”.

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Another Mars Rover Solution

I’ve noticed people like to share their solutions on the Github. No matter how good or bad was the design they still would like to show it to others (and others usually don’t care because they’re too lazy unless you’ve got to implement this problem yourself).

You can make any design for the problem, you can split and isolate as much as you want or you can make almost single line approach with Python.
No matter what your decision is going to be, as always, you have your own why’s – Why did you do it that way. Some people may disagree, someone may agree, but the fact is that the program works and now you can concentrate on the efficiency and its design. Continue reading Another Mars Rover Solution