How Google and Bing protect their API

My previous research named Reverse Engineering using Chrome was all about debugging a website and building an algorithm to bring up all of these tiles together, and by the end – getting the image in a higher resolution. In that article, I mentioned that some time ago I have published a simple gem called txt2speech that makes requests to the Google Translate API and gets the audio output back. However the Google invented the algorithm to protect his calls from unauthorized clients, the logic became unquestionably more complicated, let’s see why. Continue reading How Google and Bing protect their API

Responsive lightbox with VideoJS

Most of you who have used SublimeVideo player know that unfortunately, the company has shut down recently, though all that matters their player hosted on their servers is available only until the 12th of September, 2015. Which means, to many of us arose a problem to find out a solution that would work at least on the same level.

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